Pedicure Specialist

photo of Natalia, Pedicure Specialist Natalia
W Salon & Spa
9561 westview Drive
Coral Springs, FL, 33076 USA

Natalia is a European-trained spa pedicure specialist with over 30 years experience and has worked in Russia, Germany, and Israel.  She has been with W Salon and Spa (formerly Backstreet) since 1997. Natalia believes that a good, deep-cleaning pedicure is as essential as regular teeth-cleaning maintenance. For problems with ingrown toenails, calluses, or corns, Natalia is the professional for you. Additionally, she specializes in the ancient healing art of Reflexology. It is the application of gentle pressure to the reflex points located on all parts of the feet, which benefits the detoxification of the body, improved circulation, and tension relief. Natalia takes pleasure in providing excellent customer service and advising each client in individualized foot care.

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