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Marisol is an esthetician with the right touch. She is licensed since 1988; however, her interest in skin care actually started earlier when she was a medical assistant for two surgeons in New York City. This was followed by a position as a pharmacy technician, where she learned about pharmaceutical products. Her medical background complemented her esthetic training and influenced her decision to focus on acne-care treatments.

Marisol specializes in treating hormone-related acne, whether it’s juvenile acne or menopausal skin-care issues. Additionally, she offers anti-aging treatments. She is certified with PCA Skin, a cosmeceutical line that offers advanced treatments to address sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Also, she has over 25 years’ experience using Yon-ka Paris, a botanical and holistic skin-care line. With Yon-ka, she utilizes the Dr. Lucas Championnière Atomizer in order to create a more customized treatment for each client.

Additional services Marisol provides are eyebrow design, Brazilian bikini waxing, and body waxing. Consultations are very important to Marisol, as well as providing education and sharing the latest skin-care research to help each client achieve healthy, vibrant skin.

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