Nail Technician

photo of Debbie DeFeo, Nail Technician Debbie DeFeo
W Salon & Spa
9561 westview Drive
Coral Springs, FL, 33076 USA

Debbie is a highly skilled Nail technician with 20 years experience.
Debbie specializes in  manicure, pedicure, pink and whites, natural looking 
acrylic nails,gel,shellac along with unique nail art. Her extraordinary 
abilities are complimented by her personality. She believes in making her 
clients feel relaxed and comfortable while they are getting the best nail 
services they have ever received. Putting your nails in Debbie's hands promises 
to be an experience that is exceptional as well as unforgettable.
W Salon & Spa | 9561 Westview Drive | Coral Springs - Parkland - Coconut Creek - Boca Raton, FL 33076, USA | 954.753.7000
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