Massage License # MM31208
W Serenity Massage           60 min.   75
Our Serenity Massage is designed to release tension,
increase oxygen flow in the blood, and release toxins
from the muscles. This is a soothing therapeutic
technique that will help you to achieve the utmost
relaxation during this retreat.
90 min.   115
Deep Tissue Massage   60 min.   90
A therapeutic full body massage with deep pressure
to penetrate muscles; helps to release tension and
pain, restore muscle and joint function, very
beneficial to aid in recovery from physical activities.
90 min.   125
W Hot Stone Therapy Massage   60 min.   95
This massage combines our Serenity Massage along
with hot stone therapy. Indulge yourself as the
warmth readiates through your muscles and you will
feel the tension melt away. This therapeutic massage
is a sure way to relax and rejuvenate the body as well
as the mind. 
90 min.   125
90 Minutes in Heaven   90 min.   125
Combines a hot stone full body massage, with a
customized facial. From head to toe your body will
be pampered resulting in total relaxation and
Hand, Foot, and Scalp Massage   25 min.   35
    50 min.   65
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